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Before the ONAC drawing ...

QL9T0920_KLaus Starflinger_WEBToday, Wednesday, March 18, 2009 the drawing for the ONAC 2009 will take place at Westmark Hotel, Fairbanks ...

For more information see www.sleddog.org

This is the Westmark Hotel Fairbanks

There will be a webcam service and audio streaming to cover the race. Links will be communicated at www.sleddog.org soon ...

ONAC Entry Fee: 360 $

Purse Breakdown:


... in total about 27.000 $, which is less than 21.000 €

QL9T3891_Rudi Ropertz_WEB... by the way, a return flight (just the flight) from Europe to Alaska with a dog team is about 18.000 € per team ... some European mushers did it for the IFSS WC 2009 in Daaquam, Canada ... two German mushers (RudY Ropertz and Klaus Starflinger) paid about 36.000 € just for their return flights ...!

... we mention these figures just to show a little the real dimensions of purses in Alaska ...

Photos: Klaus Starflinger & RudY Ropertz from Germany participated very successfully at IFSS WC 2009 Daaquam, Canada (2nd & 1st place) Photos by Helmut Dietz
18.3.09 18:44

Iditarod winner expected today

... das nächste Hundeteam 45 Meilen hinter sich und ein starker Gegenwind vor sich, ist Lance Mackey auf dem Weg, das Iditarod zum dritten Mal zu gewinnen ... mehr hier!

Für nur 10.250 $ kann man das Iditarod verfolgen ... ... mit Skytrekking.com
18.3.09 12:11

Open North American draw scheduled tonight ...

... read more in the Fairbanks newsminer: ONAC draw tonight ...

Ein Teil der Aktivitäten um das wichtige Rennen herum ist das Jeff Studdert Passenger Race. Dabei geht es um ein 7,7 Meilen langes Rennen, bei dem ein Musher und ein Passagier teilnehmen. Beide tauschen die Rollen in der Mitte der Strecke ... Vier National Football League Spieler werden mitmachen ...!

... na, das wäre doch auch einmal etwas für unsere Breiten ...
18.3.09 10:06

See Video at www.furrondy.com ...!!!

... here: www.furrondy.com.

George Attla about the Rondy: "... I would say ... there is no other race on earth you could compare with the Fur Rendevous ... when the Fur Rendevous is being run everything stop ... I didn't have no problems to be beaten ... I've got be beaten more times than I have ever won ... I didn't have any problems with it ..." See the pictures and listen to the mushers words ... and you will agree with George Attla: ... there is no other race than the Fur Rondy ...!
17.3.09 21:39

E-Mail from Helen ...

Hi Helmut

thanks for your email and I am happy that you enjoy my blog. I will try to write something every day now during ONAC.

Helen & Egil's - Blog

Egil has a real strong and fast team this year so we are of course racing for another 1st place.
Trail here in Fairbanks is super hard and extremely fast, almost flat. You do not need much dog power only speed to travel fast.
You can not compare ONAC and Rondy, two very different races.
During Rondy our dogs had a stomach virus but now they all look healthy. Several teams at the LNAC had the same sickness, dogs look ok but they have no energy.

Competition will be though this year, Arleigh will have a fast team and Blayne Streeper of course as previous years.

By the way, there will be a german musher competing in this years ONAC. Michael Tetzner is here, looks like he is leasing the second string from Streeper.

Sunny and cold here, minus 30F every night and sunny, clear days.

have to go out and drop dogs, and then off to training


Foto: Egil Ellis, hier gibt es weitere Alaska-Fotos!
17.3.09 19:36

Iditarod - Musher Schnülle: Tough, tough, tough.

What say the "European" Iditarod Mushers about the weather conditions in Alaska: read more!

Wind was the mushers' biggest concern. That's because dog teams do not like heading straight into a strong wind, never mind winds up to 40 mph that were driving wind chills to minus-40 and creating a ground blizzard.

Schnuelle said after arriving in Koyuk that a 5-year-old dog in his team called Finn saved the day. Two of his other lead dogs, when faced with the bitter wind, sat down and wouldn't go forward.

... Schnuelle, who described the conditions as "Tough, tough, tough."

Schnuelle, who described the conditions as "Tough, tough, tough."

Canadian Hans Gatt, a three-time winner of the 1,000-mile Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race -- often run in even colder weather with checkpoints farther apart -- said mushers can't prepare their teams for these conditions.

Mushers don't train in these conditions, Gatt said, as he put new booties on his dogs and prepared to leave Shaktoolik.

"They don't want to go in this stuff," Gatt said. "You just hope for the best."
17.3.09 18:51

Iditarod: bad weather conditions ...

adn reports: 2 dogs die - musher airlifted from trail

They say: "Thin-coated huskies have been an issue of concern among Iditarod veterinarians in recent years. Concerns have been growing that such dogs might fall victim to exposure."

Everything and even more about Iditarod: Anchorage Daily News: Iditarod
17.3.09 09:08

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