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Rondy 2009 ... Buddy's Promo Tour

... read in the Streeper Kennel Blog:

Painting on the wall ...

Today we were invited to a mural unveiling on 4th avenue, in an area recently renamed the sled dog district. the mural was titled: Fur Rondy World Championship and was dedicated to all the past champions. Notably the painting incuded pictures of the 8 mushers, who have won this race 3 or more times. Top of the list was George Attla - 10 time winner. Next was Doc Lombard - 8 time winner, then the 2 four time winners, Charlie Champaign and Egil Ellis, followed by the 3 x winners, Roxy Wright, Ross Saunderson, and Raymond Paul.

Fotos der Promotion ...

After the unveiling, we had to run dogs. I was running the yearlings again, ...

After the run, we raced over to the elementary school on northern lights street. There we were greeted by some very enthusiastic 2nd graders, who were thrilled to see the dogs out and running around. I told the kids about the races and this weekend, and answered questions. Lina, Terry and I handed out souvenirs to the kids and encouraged them to ask questions. It was fun to see their excitement.

Afterwards we came back to the room, where we would feed the dogs, same as every day, but today we had a reporter from the newspaper stage photos and video our routine. He asked questions and got some very good tape, as I had him get the pics of dogs leaping into their boxes and eagerly awaiting their feeding. The story will run Friday.

Tonight we went to TUDUR road bingo parlor where many dog club members gathered to present Jack Powers, parlor owner, with a plaque of appreciation, as his lotto licence will be the main funding source for this areas club and races for many years to come.

Fotos der Promotion ...

Terry Streeper, CAN - Hans Gatt, A - Gerd Bittl, DIt's a pitty, that we don't have some of these guys in Europe to show their professionalism to the European amateur mushers ...!

Why not invite Buddy to special races in Europe to compete against the European open mushers ...?! He's worth the money!

Here are some Rondy Promo Auditions, featuring BUDDY STREEPER: Home of Mushing - ALASKA

Foto: ... hatte nicht schon mal einer so eine Schnapsidee?!
28.2.09 07:03

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