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Fur Rondy

See Video at www.furrondy.com ...!!!

... here: www.furrondy.com.

George Attla about the Rondy: "... I would say ... there is no other race on earth you could compare with the Fur Rendevous ... when the Fur Rendevous is being run everything stop ... I didn't have no problems to be beaten ... I've got be beaten more times than I have ever won ... I didn't have any problems with it ..." See the pictures and listen to the mushers words ... and you will agree with George Attla: ... there is no other race than the Fur Rondy ...!
17.3.09 21:39

Rondy 2009 - final day ...

What happend so far: Friday & Saturday Results ...

Interesting facts are reported: not only the number of dogs per team and day but also the number of dogs carried ...

Tudor Checkpoint:

Egil: 1:06:32
Arleigh: 1:06:26
Buddy: 1:04:49

... did we miss Bill ... or is he still to come ...?
He's still to come through ... his time: 1:06:08 ... hey, this is gonna be a real close race ...

Buddy gained 1:19 minutes but is behind Bill after two days 2:11 ... so the gap between those is 51 Seconds ... at Tudor Checkpoint ...!!!!

Goose Lake

Egil: 1:15:25
Buddy: 1:13:06
Arleigh: 1:14:59

The guy (Billy Hackett) at Goose Lake Checkpoint gave wrong time for Buddy - 10 Minutes too much - but corrected it ... puh ...!

And Bill ...?

Bill: 1:14:47 ... still about 30 seconds gap between Buddy and Bill ...!

Will Buddy Streeper come even closer to Bill Kornmuller ...???

Ross Saunderson, co-radio-reporter and a popular musher, tells us all these times of all the mushers at the different checkpoints - but we are waiting for the top teams ...

Cordova checkpoint:

Egil: 1:24:33
Buddy 1:21:22
Arleigh 1:23:27 Buddy overtook Arleigh ... just after this checkpoint ...

... and Bill ...???

Bill Kornmuller: 1:23:34 ...

Buddy is in front ...!!!

Like a Swiss Watch Buddy is gaining meter by meter, second by second with each tick of the clock ...

... tick, tick, tick ...

There is no Checkpoint but the finish line which is wating for the hero mushers ... at 4th Av. ...

Official Today's Final times:

Egil: 1:28:54
Buddy: 1:25.23
Arleigh: 1:27:31
Bill: 1:27:43

Pre-race radio programme:

Susan Duck Rondy Executive Director & Buddy Streeper in the studio for an interview ... he says they raced three times in Europe. Why not another time ...

Buddy expected Egil and Bill as his main competitors ... Rondy is the most challenging race ... speed and toughness ... toughest sprint race in the world ... unpredictable obstacles around the trail ... reverse start is great ... a lot of passes ... and a lot of teams one after another ... at Cordova Street ...

Georg Attla interview: good race, no matter who won ... I though Bill will make it, but he gave it away ... I could sit back and enjoy the race while the others are working ...

Final Standings:

1. Buddy Streeper 260:34
2. Bill Kornmuller 260:43
3. Arleigh Reynolds 264:33
4. Egil Ellis 266:04

Rookie of the Year: Ken Chezik

At the podium - of course - Georg Attla. Arleigh Reynolds holds an emotional short speech ... Bill Kornmuller says, he did his best and will try again next year, hopes for a different end ... Buddy Streeper on the micro: it's a pleasure and honour ...

... at the end of the radio programme: THE FUR RENDEVOUS HYMN "... and it's mush mush down through fourth avenue ..."
1.3.09 22:45

Rondy 2009 - second day ...

we are listening the live Rondy coberage and learned:

... the total Rondy purse: 75.000 $

The mushers:

1. Courtney Moore
2. Heather Hardy
3. Curtis Erhart
4. John Erhart
5. Egil Ellis
6. Shane Goosen
7. Bill Kormuller
8. Ed Wood
9. Jason Dunlap
10. Ricky Taylor
11. Arleigh Reynolds
12. Buddy Streeper
13. Jacques Phillip
14. Brent Beck
15. Marvin Kokrine
16. Lina Glad
17. Ken Chezik
18. Jack Berry

Top 3 ranking at one of the first checkpoints:
1. Buddy - 2. Egil - 3. Arleigh ...
... same ranking at one of the last checkpoints ...

Final ranking:

1.Bill Kornmuller 2. Buddy Streeper 3. Egil Ellis 4. Arleigh Reynolds ...
28.2.09 22:49

The Rondy 2009 ...

The Rondy Trail

Microsoft Word - 2009_Rondy_Race_Roster_V01.docThe Rondy 2009 Trail ... musste ein bisschen gekürzt werden. Aber das kennen wir ja auch in Europa ... das Kürzen von Trails ... for one or another reason ...

It's great fun to hear the many split times from 11 check points for 18 mushers and the musher small talk directly from ALASKA: Rondy 2009 live radio coverage.

Guess we'll be in Anchorage at 4th Av. next year too ... to see the dogs and the hero mushers ...

Kornmuller, Ellis, Reynolds and Streeper seem to be the four fastest dog teams on Friday, day one of the ROOOOONDY 2009 ...

Buddy’s Halftime Serenade ...

For more Rondy 2009 TV Commercials: Click here!

Wir haben uns totgelacht ... aber nicht alle Internet-Musher werden diese Spots verstehen ...

Auch wir verstehen nicht jeden Witz. Uns wurde gerade einer erzählt: Buddy fährt mit "new leaders"! ... wir fanden das nicht witzig, was gibt es da zu lachen?

Anchorage Daily News: Streeper & Family in town ...
28.2.09 07:05

Rondy 2009 ... Buddy's Promo Tour

... read in the Streeper Kennel Blog:

Painting on the wall ...

Today we were invited to a mural unveiling on 4th avenue, in an area recently renamed the sled dog district. the mural was titled: Fur Rondy World Championship and was dedicated to all the past champions. Notably the painting incuded pictures of the 8 mushers, who have won this race 3 or more times. Top of the list was George Attla - 10 time winner. Next was Doc Lombard - 8 time winner, then the 2 four time winners, Charlie Champaign and Egil Ellis, followed by the 3 x winners, Roxy Wright, Ross Saunderson, and Raymond Paul.

Fotos der Promotion ...

After the unveiling, we had to run dogs. I was running the yearlings again, ...

After the run, we raced over to the elementary school on northern lights street. There we were greeted by some very enthusiastic 2nd graders, who were thrilled to see the dogs out and running around. I told the kids about the races and this weekend, and answered questions. Lina, Terry and I handed out souvenirs to the kids and encouraged them to ask questions. It was fun to see their excitement.

Afterwards we came back to the room, where we would feed the dogs, same as every day, but today we had a reporter from the newspaper stage photos and video our routine. He asked questions and got some very good tape, as I had him get the pics of dogs leaping into their boxes and eagerly awaiting their feeding. The story will run Friday.

Tonight we went to TUDUR road bingo parlor where many dog club members gathered to present Jack Powers, parlor owner, with a plaque of appreciation, as his lotto licence will be the main funding source for this areas club and races for many years to come.

Fotos der Promotion ...

Terry Streeper, CAN - Hans Gatt, A - Gerd Bittl, DIt's a pitty, that we don't have some of these guys in Europe to show their professionalism to the European amateur mushers ...!

Why not invite Buddy to special races in Europe to compete against the European open mushers ...?! He's worth the money!

Here are some Rondy Promo Auditions, featuring BUDDY STREEPER: Home of Mushing - ALASKA

Foto: ... hatte nicht schon mal einer so eine Schnapsidee?!
28.2.09 07:03


Hier geht es zum ...
Anchorage Fur Rendevous - Rondy! World Championship Sled Dog Race

... the world's most famous sprint race with the fastest sled dogs on earth ...

und hier noch mehr Werbespots fürs Rondy: Rondy Promo Auditions
27.2.09 21:51


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