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Lance Mackey wins Iditarod 37!

Lance Mackey wins Iditarod 37 ...
Read more ... See here Lance, Larry & Maple, the winning team of the Iditarod 2009 ...
18.3.09 22:13

Iditarod winner expected today

... das nächste Hundeteam 45 Meilen hinter sich und ein starker Gegenwind vor sich, ist Lance Mackey auf dem Weg, das Iditarod zum dritten Mal zu gewinnen ... mehr hier!

Für nur 10.250 $ kann man das Iditarod verfolgen ... ... mit Skytrekking.com
18.3.09 12:11

Iditarod - Musher Schnülle: Tough, tough, tough.

What say the "European" Iditarod Mushers about the weather conditions in Alaska: read more!

Wind was the mushers' biggest concern. That's because dog teams do not like heading straight into a strong wind, never mind winds up to 40 mph that were driving wind chills to minus-40 and creating a ground blizzard.

Schnuelle said after arriving in Koyuk that a 5-year-old dog in his team called Finn saved the day. Two of his other lead dogs, when faced with the bitter wind, sat down and wouldn't go forward.

... Schnuelle, who described the conditions as "Tough, tough, tough."

Schnuelle, who described the conditions as "Tough, tough, tough."

Canadian Hans Gatt, a three-time winner of the 1,000-mile Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race -- often run in even colder weather with checkpoints farther apart -- said mushers can't prepare their teams for these conditions.

Mushers don't train in these conditions, Gatt said, as he put new booties on his dogs and prepared to leave Shaktoolik.

"They don't want to go in this stuff," Gatt said. "You just hope for the best."
17.3.09 18:51

Iditarod: bad weather conditions ...

adn reports: 2 dogs die - musher airlifted from trail

They say: "Thin-coated huskies have been an issue of concern among Iditarod veterinarians in recent years. Concerns have been growing that such dogs might fall victim to exposure."

Everything and even more about Iditarod: Anchorage Daily News: Iditarod
17.3.09 09:08


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